Mutual Fund Rankings

Our updated fund rankings should help you uncover winning picks. First, we divided the universe of more than 5,000 funds into more than 100 categories based on investment objectives, so we could evaluate funds versus peers. Next, we computed ranks based on seven measures related to total returns, expense ratios, and risk-adjusted performance. Finally, each fund received an overall percentile ranking, with 100 the best score.

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Fund CategoryFund NameTickerRank
Large BlendGuggenheim S&P 500® Top 50 ETFXLG92
Large BlendELEMENTS Morningstar WideMoat Foc TR ETNWMW73
Large BlendVanguard Large-Cap ETFVV93
Large BlendVanguard Total Stock Market ETFVTI94
Large BlendVanguard Russell 3000 ETFVTHR87
Large BlendVanguard S&P 500 ETFVOO99
Large BlendVanguard Russell 1000 ETFVONE83
Large BlendVanguard Dividend Appreciation ETFVIG75
Large BlendiShares Edge MSCI Min Vol USA ETFUSMV89
Large BlendAdvisorShares Wilshire Buyback ETFTTFS77
Large BlendFlexShares Mstar US Mkt Factors Tilt ETFTILT81
Large BlendSPDR® Russell 3000 ETFTHRK88
Large BlendiShares MSCI USA ESG Select ETFSUSA76
Large BlendSPDR® S&P 500 ETFSPY92
Large BlendPowerShares S&P 500® Quality ETFSPHQ91
Large BlendPowerShares S&P 500 High Beta ETFSPHB62
Large BlendSchwab US Large-Cap ETF™SCHX96
Large BlendSchwab US Broad Market ETF™SCHB92
Large BlendGuggenheim S&P 500® Equal Weight ETFRSP68
Large BlendPowerShares Buyback Achievers ETFPKW70
Large BlendSPDR® Russell 1000 ETFONEK93
Large BlendiShares S&P 100 ETFOEF78
Large BlendVanEck Vectors Morningstar Wide Moat ETFMOAT95
Large BlendVanguard Mega Cap ETFMGC98
Large BlendiShares Morningstar Large-Cap ETFJKD100
Large BlendiShares Dow Jones US ETFIYY78
Large BlendiShares Russell 3000 ETFIWV83
Large BlendiShares Russell Top 200 ETFIWL96
Large BlendiShares Russell 1000 ETFIWB83
Large BlendiShares Core S&P 500 ETFIVV98
Large BlendiShares Core S&P Total US Stock Mkt ETFITOT97
Large BlendUS Market Rotation Strategy ETFHUSE19
Large BlendAdvisorShares Madrona Domestic ETFFWDD26
Large BlendFirst Trust Capital Strength ETFFTCS90
Large BlendFirst Trust Mega Cap AlphaDEX® ETFFMK37
Large BlendFirst Trust Large Cap Core AlphaDEX® ETFFEX73
Large BlendWisdomTree US Total Earnings ETFEXT85
Large BlendiShares MSCI USA Equal Weighted ETFEUSA65
Large BlendPowerShares Russell Top 200 Equal Wt ETFEQWL97
Large BlendALPS Equal Sector Weight ETFEQL51
Large BlendWisdomTree US Earnings 500 ETFEPS82
Large BlendiShares MSCI KLD 400 Social ETFDSI60
Large BlendProShares Large Cap Core PlusCSM95
Large BlendiPath® CBOE S&P 500 BuyWrite ETNBWV38
Large BlendAMG Yacktman Focused NYAFFX24
Large BlendWright Major Blue Chip EquitiesWQCEX30
Large BlendWeitz Partners Value InvestorWPVLX5
Large BlendWestwood Low Volatility Equity InstWLVIX36
Large BlendTETON Westwood Equity AAAWESWX25
Large BlendWaddell & Reed Dividend Opps YWDVYX17
Large BlendVulcan Value PartnersVVPLX31
Large BlendVanguard Total Stock Mkt Idx InvVTSMX86
Large BlendVALIC Company I Stock IndexVSTIX62
Large BlendVanguard Growth & Income InvVQNPX86
Large BlendVALIC Company I Large Cap CoreVLCCX80
Large BlendUSA Mutuals Vice InvestorVICEX21
Large BlendVanguard FTSE Social Index InvVFTSX100
Large BlendVanguard 500 Index InvestorVFINX76
Large BlendVanguard Dividend Growth InvVDIGX77
Large BlendVALIC Company II Socially ResponsibleVCSRX69
Large BlendVALIC Company I Growth & IncomeVCGAX58
Large BlendVALIC Company I Core EquityVCCEX43
Large BlendInvesco Equally-Wtd S&P 500 BVADBX20
Large BlendUSAA S&P 500 Index MemberUSSPX68
Large BlendUSAA Growth & IncomeUSGRX51
Large BlendPear Tree Quality OrdinaryUSBOX59
Large BlendThornburg Value ATVAFX71
Large BlendTransamerica Stock Index R4TSTFX67
Large BlendT. Rowe Price US Large-Cap CoreTRULX84
Large BlendToreador Core RetailTORLX35
Large BlendTocquevilleTOCQX17
Large BlendThompson LargeCapTHPGX35
Large BlendTCW Focused Equities NTGFVX8
Large BlendTouchstone Focused YTFFYX40
Large BlendJHancock Fundamental Large Cap Core ATAGRX71
Large BlendSchwab Total Stock Market IndexSWTSX90
Large BlendSchwab® S&P 500 IndexSWPPX85
Large BlendSchwab Core EquitySWANX58
Large BlendSSgA S&P 500 Index NSVSPX75
Large BlendBlackRock Exchange BlackRockSTSEX34
Large BlendState Farm GrowthSTFGX43
Large BlendStralem EquitySTEFX26
Large BlendVictory Special Value ASSVSX3
Large BlendVictory Diversified Stock ASRVEX12
Large BlendMFS Equity Opportunities ASRFAX37
Large BlendInvesco S&P 500 Index YSPIDX65
Large BlendShelton S&P 500 Index DirectSPFIX69
Large BlendClearBridge Dividend Strategy BSOPTX15
Large BlendSpirit of America Large Cap Value ASOAVX4
Large BlendSchwab 1000 Index®SNXFX80
Large BlendSmead Value InvestorSMVLX44
Large BlendColumbia Contrarian Core ZSMGIX86
Large BlendState Farm S&P 500 Index PremierSLIAX50
Large BlendState Farm Equity PremierSLEAX65
Large BlendSaratoga Large Capitalization Value ISLCVX16
Large BlendSelected American Shares SSLASX58
Large BlendClearBridge Appreciation ASHAPX30
Large BlendSentinel Common Stock ASENCX55
Large BlendGuggenheim StylePlus - Large Core ASECEX64
Large BlendDeutsche S&P 500 Index SSCPIX63
Large BlendDeutsche Core Equity SSCDGX99
Large BlendQS S&P 500 Index ASBSPX51
Large BlendSA US Core Market InvestorSAMKX37
Large BlendRydex S&P 500 HRYSPX17
Large BlendRussell Inv US Dynamic Equity CRSGCX28
Large BlendColumbia Disciplined Core KRQEYX56
Large BlendRussell Inv US Large Cap Equity SRLCSX39
Large BlendRussell Inv US Defensive Equity EREQEX45
Large BlendRussell Inv US Core Equity EREAEX39
Large BlendPax ESG Beta Quality Individual InvestorPXWGX27
Large BlendVirtus Sector Trend APWBAX8
Large BlendPNC S&P 500 Index IPSXIX70
Large BlendT. Rowe Price Growth & IncomePRGIX85
Large BlendT. Rowe Price Equity Index 500PREIX69
Large BlendT. Rowe Price Dividend GrowthPRDGX82
Large BlendT. Rowe Price Capital OpportunityPRCOX95
Large BlendParnassus Core Equity InvestorPRBLX47
Large BlendVirtus KAR Global Quality Dividend APPTAX7
Large BlendPRIMECAP Odyssey StockPOSKX96
Large BlendT. Rowe Price Total Equity Market IdxPOMIX84
Large BlendPin Oak EquityPOGSX72
Large BlendPutnam Research APNRAX49
Large BlendPutnam Multi-Cap Core YPMYYX66
Large BlendPMC Diversified EquityPMDEX7
Large BlendPrincipal Large Cap S&P 500 Index R5PLFPX60
Large BlendPNC Multi-Factor All Cap IPLEIX50
Large BlendPioneer Core Equity APIOTX33
Large BlendPioneer APIODX33
Large BlendPutnam Investors APINVX40
Large BlendPacific Financial Core Equity IPFGQX5
Large BlendPacific Financial Explorer IPFGPX11
Large BlendDreyfus S&P 500 IndexPEOPX57
Large BlendVirtus Rampart Enhanced Core Equity APDIAX75
Large BlendPayson Total ReturnPBFDX19
Large BlendPacific Advisors Large Cap Value APAGTX8
Large BlendOsterweisOSTFX4
Large BlendOppenheimer Main Street All Cap YOMSYX22
Large BlendOlstein All Cap Value COFALX6
Large BlendO'Shaughnessy All Cap Core IOFAIX94
Large BlendOppenheimer Rising Dividends AOARDX13
Large BlendOakmark InvestorOAKMX79
Large BlendOakmark Select InvestorOAKLX46
Large BlendDavis NY Venture ANYVTX61
Large BlendColumbia Select Large Cap Equity ZNSEPX89
Large BlendNorthern Stock IndexNOSIX82
Large BlendColumbia Large Cap Enhanced Core ZNMIMX74
Large BlendColumbia Large Cap Index ZNINDX74
Large BlendNatixis Oakmark ANEFOX54
Large BlendNeuberger Berman Focus InvNBSSX45
Large BlendSentinel Sustainable Core Opp AMYPVX24
Large BlendMatthew 25MXXVX32
Large BlendGreat-West S&P 500® Index InvestorMXVIX52
Large BlendMetropolitan West AlphaTrak 500MWATX93
Large BlendMarathon Value PortfolioMVPFX23
Large BlendMFS Blended Research Core Equity IMUSEX44
Large BlendMuhlenkampMUHLX3
Large BlendBNY Mellon Tx-Snstv Lg Cp Mlt-Strat MMTSMX61
Large BlendMainStay Common Stock AMSOAX33
Large BlendOppenheimer Main Street AMSIGX66
Large BlendMFS Core Equity AMRGAX71
Large BlendBNY Mellon Large Cap Stock MMPLCX36
Large BlendMairs & Power Growth InvMPGFX53
Large BlendCastle Focus InvestorMOATX23
Large BlendManorMNRMX22
Large BlendMassMutual Premier Main Street R5MMSSX72
Large BlendMM S&P 500® Index SvcMMIEX62
Large BlendMFS Massachusetts Investors Tr AMITTX74
Large BlendMassMutual Select Equity Opports R5MFVSX61
Large BlendMFS Research AMFRFX63
Large BlendMeehan FocusMEFOX14
Large BlendConvergence Core Plus InstitutionalMARNX29
Large BlendMutual of America Instl All AmericaMALLX59
Large BlendMutual of America Instl Equity IndexMAEQX81
Large BlendClearBridge Value CLMVTX20
Large BlendLongleaf PartnersLLPFX23
Large BlendJanus Henderson Growth And Income DJNGIX79
Large BlendJohnson Equity IncomeJEQIX27
Large BlendJamestown EquityJAMEX10
Large BlendGuinness Atkinson™ Global Inntrs InvIWIRX54
Large BlendIvy Dividend Opportunities AIVDAX2
Large BlendVY® Columbia Contrarian Core IISFIX87
Large BlendVoya Multi-Manager Large Cp Core Port IIPPIX46
Large BlendVoya Index Plus LargeCap Port IIPLIX68
Large BlendCatalyst Insider Buying AINSAX1
Large BlendVoya US Stock Index Port IINGIX67
Large BlendIMS Dividend GrowthIMSAX9
Large BlendVoya Growth and Income Port IIIVGX41
Large BlendVoya Russell Large Cap Index Port IIIRLX88
Large BlendAMF Large Cap Equity AMFIICAX32
Large BlendIntegrity Growth & Income AIGIAX4
Large BlendHomestead Stock IndexHSTIX52
Large BlendHartford Stock HLS IAHSTAX80
Large BlendHartford Capital Appreciation HLS IAHIACX57
Large BlendHenssler Equity InvestorHEQFX6
Large BlendHaverford Quality Growth StockHAVGX21
Large BlendAberdeen US Multi-Cap Equity AGXXAX18
Large BlendGlenmede Large Cap Core PortGTLOX88
Large BlendGlenmede Strategic EquityGTCEX90
Large BlendGoldman Sachs US Equity Insights SvcGSESX49
Large BlendVictory RS Large Cap Alpha AGPAFX41
Large BlendGreen Owl Intrinsic ValueGOWLX38
Large BlendGreat Lakes Disciplined Equity InstlGLDNX42
Large BlendGolub Group EquityGGEFX34
Large BlendGE RSP US EquityGESSX67
Large BlendUS Global Investors All American EqGBTFX0
Large BlendGabelli Equity Income AAAGABEX2
Large BlendGabelli Asset AAAGABAX10
Large BlendFidelity® 500 Index InvestorFUSEX81
Large BlendFidelity® Total Market Index InvestorFSTMX89
Large BlendFranklin Rising Dividends AFRDPX31
Large BlendFPA US ValueFPPFX11
Large BlendFort Pitt Capital Total ReturnFPCGX48
Large BlendFMI Large CapFMIHX49
Large BlendFidelity® Large Cap StockFLCSX64
Large BlendFidelity® Large Cap Core Enhanced IndexFLCEX44
Large BlendStrategic Advisers® Core Multi-MgrFLAUX42
Large BlendFidelity® Mega Cap StockFGRTX47
Large BlendFidelity® Growth & IncomeFGRIX56
Large BlendFidelity Advisor® Growth & Income IFGIOX48
Large BlendFirst Investors Growth & Income AFGINX6
Large BlendFidelity Advisor® Dividend Growth IFDGIX26
Large BlendFidelity® Dividend GrowthFDGFX29
Large BlendFidelity Advisor® Capital Development OFDETX60
Large BlendFidelity Advisor® Diversified Stock OFDESX53
Large BlendFidelity® Disciplined EquityFDEQX38
Large BlendStrategic Advisers® CoreFCSAX70
Large BlendFidelity Advisor® Large Cap IFALIX63
Large BlendEaton Vance Dividend Builder AEVTMX27
Large BlendWells Fargo Disciplined US Core AEVSAX79
Large BlendEaton Vance Tx-Mgd Growth 1.1 AETTGX45
Large BlendEpiphany FFV AEPVNX7
Large BlendEaton Vance Stock AEAERX42
Large BlendDreyfus Tax-Managed Growth ADTMGX12
Large BlendDFA Tax-Managed US EqDTMEX87
Large BlendDreyfus Instl S&P 500 Stock Index IDSPIX73
Large BlendDomini Impact Equity InvestorDSEFX9
Large BlendDreyfus Sustainable US Equity ZDRTHX25
Large BlendThe MP 63DRIPX46
Large BlendDreyfus Core Equity ADLTSX16
Large BlendDana Large Cap Equity NDLCEX39
Large BlendDiamond Hill All Cap Select IDHLTX50
Large BlendDreyfus Appreciation InvestorDGAGX29
Large BlendDFA US Large Company IDFUSX94
Large BlendDFA US Sustainability Core 1DFSIX76
Large BlendDavidson Multi-Cap Equity ADFMAX20
Large BlendDFA US Core Equity 1 IDFEOX77
Large BlendDFA Enhanced US Large Company IDFELX99
Large BlendDreyfus Disciplined StockDDSTX54
Large BlendZacks All-Cap Core InvestorCZOVX19
Large BlendConcorde Wealth ManagementCONWX1
Large BlendThe Cook & BynumCOBYX15
Large BlendPrincipal Capital Appreciation ACMNWX43
Large BlendCroft Value RCLVFX12
Large BlendCatalyst/Lyons Tactical Allocation ACLTAX14
Large BlendInvesco Charter ACHTRX5
Large BlendCGM FocusCGMFX40
Large BlendCatalyst/Groesbeck Growth of Income ACGGAX11
Large BlendClipperCFIMX91
Large BlendCopeland Risk Managed Dividend Gr ACDGRX1
Large BlendCrawford Dividend Growth ICDGIX14
Large BlendSmith Group Large Cap Core Growth InstlBSLGX55
Large BlendBretton FundBRTNX2
Large BlendBridgeway Blue Chip 35 IndexBRLIX64
Large BlendBoyar ValueBOYAX21
Large BlendBeck, Mack & Oliver PartnersBMPEX10
Large BlendBlackRock Advantage Large Cap Gr Inv ABMCAX30
Large BlendBrown Advisory Equity Income InvBIADX25
Large BlendBaird LargeCap InstBHGIX57
Large BlendAmerican Century Equity Growth InvBEQGX31
Large BlendBlue Chip InvestorBCIFX48
Large BlendBBH Core Select NBBTEX28
Large BlendAve Maria Rising DividendAVEDX18
Large BlendLKCM Aquinas Catholic EquityAQEIX13
Large BlendAmerican Funds Fundamental Invs AANCFX98
Large BlendALPS | WMC Research Value AAMWYX15
Large BlendAmerican Century Adaptive Equity InvAMVIX55
Large BlendAmana Income InvestorAMANX13
Large BlendAlger Growth & Income AALBAX35
Large BlendAmerican Funds Invmt Co of Amer AAIVSX52
Large BlendPrudential Jennison Equity Income CAGOCX0
Large BlendAAM/Bahl & Gaynor Income Growth IAFNIX32
Large BlendAmerican Century Sustainable Equity AAFDAX36
Large BlendAdvisory Research All Cap ValueADVGX24
Large BlendAmerican Century NT Core Equity Plus GACNKX18
India EquityiShares MSCI India Small-Cap ETFSMIN100
India EquityColumbia India Small Cap ETFSCIN58
India EquityVanEck Vectors India Small-Cap ETFSCIF83
India EquityPowerShares India ETFPIN25
India EquityColumbia India Infrastructure ETFINXX0
India EquityiPath® MSCI India ETNINP8
India EquityiShares India 50 ETFINDY33
India EquityiShares MSCI India ETFINDA17
India EquityColumbia India Consumer ETFINCO92
India EquityWisdomTree India Earnings ETFEPI50
India EquityWasatch Emerging India InvestorWAINX75
India EquityMatthews India InvestorMINDX67
India EquityEaton Vance Greater India AETGIX42
Emerging-Markets Local-Currency BondiShares JP Morgan EM Local Ccy Bd ETFLEMB75
Emerging-Markets Local-Currency BondVanEck Vectors JP Morgan EM LC Bd ETFEMLC50
Emerging-Markets Local-Currency BondWisdomTree Emerging Markets Lcl Dbt ETFELD25
Emerging-Markets Local-Currency BondSPDR® Blmbg Barclays Em Mkts Lcl Bd ETFEBND58
Emerging-Markets Local-Currency BondPowerShares Chinese Yuan Dim Sum Bd ETFDSUM100
Emerging-Markets Local-Currency BondWisdomTree Asia Local Debt ETFALD42
Emerging-Markets Local-Currency BondTCW Emerging Markets Local Ccy Inc ITGWIX83
Emerging-Markets Local-Currency BondT. Rowe Price Emerg Mkts Lcl Ccy BdPRELX33
Emerging-Markets Local-Currency BondOppenheimer Emerging Markets Lcl Dbt YOEMYX92
Emerging-Markets Local-Currency BondGuinness Atkinson Renminbi Yuan & BondGARBX8
Emerging-Markets Local-Currency BondMFS Emerging Markets Debt Lcl Ccy IEMLIX17
Emerging-Markets Local-Currency BondEaton Vance Emerging Markets Local Inc AEEIAX67
Emerging-Markets Local-Currency BondDreyfus Emerging Markets Debt Lcl Ccy IDDBIX0
Allocation--50% to 70% EquitySPDR® SSgA Multi-Asset Real Return ETFRLY18
Allocation--50% to 70% EquitySPDR® SSgA Income Allocation ETFINKM29
Allocation--50% to 70% EquitySPDR® SSgA Global Allocation ETFGAL44
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityiShares Core Growth Allocation ETFAOR89
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityWesMark BalancedWMBLX17
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityWells Fargo WealthBuilder Gr Bal CWGBFX23
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityTETON Westwood Balanced AAAWEBAX43
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityVanguard Wellington™ InvVWELX98
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityVanguard LifeStrategy Moderate Gr InvVSMGX92
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityVanguard Managed Payout InvestorVPGDX59
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityVALIC Company II Moderate Gr LifestyleVMGLX47
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityValue Line Asset Allocation InvestorVLAAX60
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityVillere Balanced InvVILLX21
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityVanguard STAR InvVGSTX99
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityVALIC Company I Asset AllocationVCAAX42
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityVanguard Balanced Index InvVBINX95
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityUSAA Total Return StrategyUSTRX1
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityUSAA Cornerstone Moderately AgrsvUSCRX11
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityUSAA Cornerstone ModerateUSBSX12
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityWaddell & Reed Continental Inc AUNCIX14
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityAmerican Century Strat Allc: Mod InvTWSMX48
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityAmerican Century Balanced InvTWBIX40
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityTimothy Plan Strategic Growth ATSGAX1
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityT. Rowe Price Personal Strat BalTRPBX94
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityCatalyst/SMH Total Return Income ATRIFX4
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityTimothy Plan Defensive Strategies ATPDAX2
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityCentaur Total ReturnTILDX39
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityDreyfus Balanced Opportunity JTHPBX60
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityThrivent Moderate Allocation ATHMAX49
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityTransamerica Asset Alloc Interm Hrzn R4TAAFX33
Allocation--50% to 70% EquitySchwab BalancedSWOBX86
Allocation--50% to 70% EquitySchwab MarketTrack BalancedSWBGX77
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityJHancock Balanced ASVBAX36
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityState Farm BalancedSTFBX71
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityState Farm Equity & Bond PremierSLBAX86
Allocation--50% to 70% EquitySit BalancedSIBAX81
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityGreat-West SecureFoundation® Bal ETF ASFBPX87
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityWells Fargo Index Asset Allocation ASFAAX75
Allocation--50% to 70% Equity1919 Socially Responsive Balanced BSESIX5
Allocation--50% to 70% EquitySentinel Balanced ASEBLX62
Allocation--50% to 70% EquitySextant CoreSCORX19
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityQS Conservative Growth ASBBAX22
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityPrincipal SAM Balanced ASABPX38
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityT. Rowe Price BalancedRPBAX97
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityRiverNorth Core Opportunity RRNCOX29
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityAmerican Funds Income Portfolio R5RINFX73
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityRussell Inv LifePoints Balanced Strat ERBLEX18
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityAmerican Funds Balanced Portfolio R5RBAFX100
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityRoumell Opportunistic Value InstlRAMSX10
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityPSG Tactical GrowthPSGTX0
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityT. Rowe Price Capital AppreciationPRWCX96
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityDeutsche Multi-Asset Moderate Allc SPPLSX34
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityPacific Funds Port Optim Mod APOCAX27
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityPlumb BalancedPLBBX79
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityPioneer Solutions Balanced APIALX3
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityVirtus Strategic Allocation APHBLX15
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityGeorge Putnam Balanced APGEOX74
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityPNC Balanced Allocation IPBLIX42
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityPax Balanced Individual InvestorPAXWX45
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityPutnam Dynamic Asset Allocation Bal APABAX71
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityOppenheimer Moderate Inv YOYMIX50
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityOsterweis Strategic InvestmentOSTVX24
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityOakmark Equity And Income InvestorOAKBX57
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityNew Century BalancedNCIPX8
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityNew Covenant Balanced GrowthNCBGX40
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityColumbia Capital Allocation Mod Agrsv ZNBGPX91
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityNeiman Balanced Allocation ANBAFX5
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityVirtus Tactical Allocation ANAINX16
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityGreat-West SecureFoundation® Bal InvMXSBX82
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityGreat-West Moderate Profile InvMXMPX68
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityMFS Total Return AMSFRX75
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityMassMutual RetireSMART Moderate R5MROSX41
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityBNY Mellon Asset Allocation MMPBLX52
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityAMG Managers Montag & Caldwell Balancd NMOBAX27
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityManning & Napier Pro-Blend Extnd Term SMNBAX14
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityMadison Moderate Allocation AMMDAX45
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityMFS Moderate Allocation IMMAIX53
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityMassMutual Premier Balanced R5MBLDX78
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityMadison Diversified Income AMBLAX44
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityPraxis Genesis Balanced AMBAPX31
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityMairs & Power Balanced InvMAPOX63
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityLKCM BalancedLKBAX70
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityLord Abbett Multi-Asset Balanced Opp ALABFX21
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityUBS US Allocation CKPAAX37
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityJHancock Multimanager Lifestyle Bal 1JILBX51
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityJHFunds2 Capital Appreciation Value NAVJCAVX93
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityJanus Henderson Balanced DJANBX84
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityJanus Henderson Balanced InstlJABLX90
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityVY® Invesco Equity and Income IIUAIX90
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityVY® T. Rowe Price Capital Apprec SITCSX92
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityVoya Solution Balanced Port IISGJX69
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityVoya Retirement Moderate Growth Port IIRGMX73
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityICON Risk-Managed Balanced CIOCCX3
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityTransamerica Asset Allocation Mod Gr AIMLAX65
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityVoya Strategic Allocation Mod Port IIIMDX64
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityVY® Franklin Income IIIFIX38
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityLoomis Sayles Multi-Asset Income AIIDPX51
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityIntrepid Capital InvestorICMBX13
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityVoya Balanced Port IIBPIX69
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityIvy Balanced AIBNAX16
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityTransamerica Multi-Mgd Balanced AIBALX58
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityHighland Total Return AHTAAX46
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityHolland BalancedHOLBX20
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityHartford Checks and Balances AHCKAX72
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityHennessy Balanced InvestorHBFBX9
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityRational Strategic Allocation AHBAFX12
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityHartford Balanced HLS IAHADAX80
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityGreenspringGRSPX25
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityAberdeen Dynamic Allocation AGMMAX6
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityGreen Century BalancedGCBLX31
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityFidelity Advisor Simplicity RMD 2015 IFURIX81
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityNuveen Strategy Growth Allocation R3FSNSX26
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityNuveen Strategy Balanced Allc R3FSKSX6
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityFidelity Asset Manager® 60%FSANX83
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityFidelity Advisor Managed Retiremt 2010 IFRQIX61
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityFidelity Advisor Managed Retiremt 2015 IFRASX77
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityFidelity Advisor Simplicity RMD 2005 IFRAPX53
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityFidelity® Puritan®FPURX95
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityFPA CrescentFPACX49
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityTributary Balanced InstlFOBAX23
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityFranklin Moderate Allocation AFMTIX28
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityFirst Investors Total Return AFITRX10
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityFidelity Advisor Managed Retiremt 2025 IFIRFX84
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityFidelity Advisor Simplicity RMD 2020 IFIIWX85
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityFidelity Advisor Managed Retiremt 2020 IFIIVX82
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityFidelity Advisor Simplicity RMD 2010 IFIIRX68
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityFidelity® BalancedFBALX97
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityAIG Active Allocation AFBAAX25
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityFidelity Asset Manager® 70%FASGX88
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityFidelity Advisor® Balanced MFAIGX66
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityFairholme AllocationFAAFX7
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityEValuator Moderate RMS ServiceEVMLX58
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityEaton Vance Balanced AEVIFX56
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityElfun DiversifiedELDFX62
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityTransamerica Partners BalancedDVIBX56
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityDodge & Cox BalancedDODBX94
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityTransamerica Partners Instl BalancedDIBFX55
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityDFA Global Allocation 60/40 IDGSIX64
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityDelaware Foundation Moderate Allc IDFFIX34
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityCalvert Balanced ACSIFX32
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityCalvert Moderate Allocation ACMAAX76
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityChou OpportunityCHOEX8
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityColumbia Flexible Capital Income ZCFIZX66
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityCornerCap BalancedCBLFX36
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityColumbia Balanced ZCBALX88
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityBruceBRUFX67
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityBlackRock 60/40 Target Allocation RBRGPX35
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityBMO Balanced Allocation R6BGRQX55
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityWilmington Strategic Allc Mod AARBAX19
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityCavanal Hill Active Core InvestorAPBAX47
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityAmerican Century One Choice Mod InvAOMIX54
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityInvesco Equity and Income AACEIX79
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityAB All Market Total Return AdvisorABWYX30
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityAmerican Funds American Balanced AABALX99
Allocation--50% to 70% EquityThrivent Balanced Income Plus AAABFX32
Commodities Industrial MetalsUBS ETRACS CMCI Indl Mtls Tot Ret ETNUBM67
Commodities Industrial MetalsELEMENTS Rogers Intl Cmdty Metals TR ETNRJZ60
Commodities Industrial MetalsiPath® Pure Beta Nickel ETNNINI7
Commodities Industrial MetalsiPath® Pure Beta Lead ETNLEDD100
Commodities Industrial MetalsiPath® Bloomberg Lead SubTR ETNLD80
Commodities Industrial MetalsiPath® Bloomberg Aluminum SubTR ETNJJU13
Commodities Industrial MetalsiPath® Bloomberg Tin SubTR ETNJJT53
Commodities Industrial MetalsiPath® Bloomberg Nickel SubTR ETNJJN0
Commodities Industrial MetalsiPath® Bloomberg Ind Metals SubTR ETNJJM40
Commodities Industrial MetalsiPath® Bloomberg Copper SubTR ETNJJC47
Commodities Industrial MetalsiPath® Pure Beta Industrial Metals ETNHEVY27
Commodities Industrial MetalsiPath® Pure Beta Aluminum ETNFOIL33
Commodities Industrial MetalsPowerShares DB Base Metals ETFDBB87
Commodities Industrial MetalsiPath® Pure Beta Copper ETNCUPM73
Commodities Industrial MetalsUnited States Copper IndexCPER20
Commodities Industrial MetalsDB Base Metals Long ETNBDG93
Equity Precious MetalsiShares MSCI Global Silver Miners ETFSLVP100
Equity Precious MetalsGlobal X Silver Miners ETFSIL38
Equity Precious MetalsiShares MSCI Global Gold Miners ETFRING69
Equity Precious MetalsVanEck Vectors Rare Earth/Strat Mtls ETFREMX27
Equity Precious MetalsPowerShares Global Gold & Prec Mtls ETFPSAU50
Equity Precious MetalsiShares MSCI Global Mtls&Mng Prdcrs ETFPICK73
Equity Precious MetalsGlobal X Gold Explorers ETFGOEX92
Equity Precious MetalsVanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETFGDXJ58
Equity Precious MetalsVanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETFGDX88
Equity Precious MetalsVanguard Precious Metals and Mining InvVGPMX96
Equity Precious MetalsUS Global Investors Gld & Prec MtlsUSERX54
Equity Precious MetalsUSAA Precious Metals and MineralsUSAGX4
Equity Precious MetalsUS Global Investors World Prec MnralUNWPX65
Equity Precious MetalsTocqueville GoldTGLDX8
Equity Precious MetalsFirst Eagle Gold ASGGDX42
Equity Precious MetalsDeutsche Gold & Precious Metals SSCGDX23
Equity Precious MetalsRydex Precious Metals InvRYPMX17
Equity Precious MetalsOppenheimer Gold & Special Minerals AOPGSX85
Equity Precious MetalsOCM Gold InvestorOCMGX12
Equity Precious MetalsMidasMIDSX0
Equity Precious MetalsVanEck International Investors Gold AINIVX46
Equity Precious MetalsGabelli Gold AAAGOLDX79
Equity Precious MetalsFidelity® Select GoldFSAGX79
Equity Precious MetalsFranklin Gold and Precious Metals AFKRCX17
Equity Precious MetalsInvesco Gold & Precious Metals InvstorFGLDX31
Equity Precious MetalsWells Fargo Precious Metals AEKWAX35
Equity Precious MetalsAmerican Century Global Gold InvBGEIX62
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityGlobal X Permanent ETFPERM54
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityPowerShares CEF Income Composite ETFPCEF70
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityiShares Morningstar Multi-Asset Inc ETFIYLD66
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityiShares Core Moderate Allocation ETFAOM83
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityiShares Core Conservative Allocation ETFAOK57
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityWells Fargo WealthBuilder Mod Bal CWMBFX16
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityWeitz BalancedWBALX59
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityVanguard Wellesley® Income InvVWINX96
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityVanguard Tax-Managed Balanced AdmVTMFX100
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityVanguard LifeStrategy Cnsrv Gr InvVSCGX93
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityVALIC Company II Cnsrv Gr LifestyleVCGLX30
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityUSAA Growth and Tax StrategyUSBLX91
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityUSAA Cornerstone Moderately CnsrvUCMCX15
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityAmerican Funds TxAdvtg Inc F2TXIFX99
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityAmerican Century Strat Allc: Cnsrv InvTWSCX41
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityT. Rowe Price Retirement BalancedTRRIX62
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityTCW Conservative Allocation ITGPCX39
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityTimothy Plan Conservative Growth ATCGAX0
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityThrivent Moderately Cnsrv Allocation ATCAAX51
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityTouchstone Dynamic Diversified Income ATBAAX20
Allocation--30% to 50% EquitySchwab® Monthly Income Enh PayoutSWKRX53
Allocation--30% to 50% EquitySchwab® Monthly Income Mod PayoutSWJRX65
Allocation--30% to 50% EquitySchwab MarketTrack ConservativeSWCGX73
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityDeutsche Multi-Asset Conservative Allc SSPBAX38
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityQS Defensive Growth ASBCPX32
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityPrincipal SAM Conservative Bal ASAIPX50
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityRussell Inv Lifepoints Moderate Strat ERMLEX34
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityT. Rowe Price Personal Strat IncPRSIX97
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityPermanent Portfolio Permanent IPRPFX26
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityPacific Funds Port Optim Mod-Cnsrv APOBAX27
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityPrincipal Global Div Inc InstlPGDIX74
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityPutnam Dynamic Risk Allocation YPDRYX23
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityPrincipal Diversified Real Asset InstlPDRDX11
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityPacific Advisors Income & Equity APADIX3
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityOppenheimer Conservative Inv YOYCIX36
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityOppenheimer Capital Income AOPPEX43
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityColumbia Capital Allocation Mod Cnsrv ZNIPAX81
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityNew Covenant Balanced IncomeNCBIX49
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityGreat-West Moderately Cnsrv Pfl InvMXDPX86
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityPraxis Genesis Conservative AMCONX28
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityMadison Conservative Allocation AMCNAX35
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityMFS Conservative Allocation IMACIX68
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityJHancock Multimanager Lifestyle Mod 1JILMX55
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityVoya Solution Moderately Cnsrv Port IISPRX85
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityVoya Strategic Allocation Cnsrv Port IISAIX83
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityVoya Retirement Moderate Port IIRMIX69
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityTransamerica Asset Allocation Mod AIMOAX76
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityTransamerica Asset Allocation Cnsrv AICLAX47
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityGoldman Sachs Income Builder AGSBFX42
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityJames Balanced: Golden Rainbow RGLRBX12
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityGuideStone Funds Balanced Allc InvGGIZX24
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityFranklin Conservative Allocation AFTCIX18
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityNuveen Strategy Conservative Allc R3FSJSX4
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityFidelity Advisor Simplicity RMD Income IFRNIX80
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityFidelity Advisor Managed Retiremt Inc IFRIMX61
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityFederated Muni and Stock Advantage AFMUAX22
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityFranklin Income AFKINX58
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityFidelity Advisor Managed Retiremt 2005 IFIOIX89
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityFidelity Asset Manager® 40%FFANX92
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityFrost Conservative Allocation InvestorFDSFX1
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityFidelity Asset Manager® 50%FASMX95
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityManning & Napier Pro-Blend Cnsrv Term SEXDAX9
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityManning & Napier Pro-Blend Mod Term SEXBAX8
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityMFS Diversified Income IDIFIX78
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityDelaware Foundation Cnsrv Allc IDFIIX46
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityAdvisorOne CLS Growth and Income NCLERX14
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityCalvert Conservative Allocation ACCLAX77
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityColumbia Capital Allocation Moderate KCBRRX88
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityFederated Capital Income ACAPAX7
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityBMO Moderate Allocation R6BMBTX72
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityYorktown Multi-Asset Income AAPIUX5
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityAmerican Century One Choice Cnsrv InvAOCIX64
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityAB Tax-Managed All Market Income AAGIAX31
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityAB Conservative Wealth Strategy AdvisorABPYX19
Allocation--30% to 50% EquityThrivent Diversified Income Plus AAAHYX45
CommunicationsSPDR® S&P Telecom ETFXTL90
CommunicationsVanguard Telecommunication Services ETFVOX50
CommunicationsiShares US Telecommunications ETFIYZ30
CommunicationsiShares Global Telecom ETFIXP20
CommunicationsDeutsche Communications ATISHX40
CommunicationsRydex Telecommunications InvRYMIX10
CommunicationsT. Rowe Price Media & TelecommsPRMTX100
CommunicationsPutnam Global Telecommunication YPGBYX60
CommunicationsGAMCO Global Telecommunications AAAGABTX0
CommunicationsFidelity® Select WirelessFWRLX80
CommunicationsFidelity® Select Telecommunications PortFSTCX70
Muni Single State ShortDupree TN Tax-Free Short-to-MediumTTSMX25
Muni Single State ShortBernstein NY MunicipalSNNYX100
Muni Single State ShortBernstein CA MunicipalSNCAX66
Muni Single State ShortWells Fargo California Ltd-Trm Tx-Fr ASFCIX50
Muni Single State ShortT. Rowe Price MD Short-Term Tax-FreePRMDX44
Muni Single State ShortOppenheimer Rochester® Ltd Term CA MuniAOLCAX56
Muni Single State ShortDupree NC Tax-Free Short-to-MediumNTSMX13
Muni Single State ShortOppenheimer Rochester® LtdTerm NY MunisALTNYX19
Muni Single State ShortThornburg CA Limited-Term Muni ALTCAX0
Muni Single State ShortDupree KY Tax-Free Short-to-MediumKYSMX38
Muni Single State ShortFranklin CA Ultra-Shrt Tx-Fr Inc A1FCUAX66
Muni Single State ShortFidelity® California Ltd Trm Tax-Free BdFCSTX94
Muni Single State ShortManning & Napier NY Tax Exempt SeriesEXNTX31
Muni Single State ShortDFA CA Short-Term Municipal Bond IDFCMX88
Muni Single State ShortCapital Group CA Short-Term MunicipalCCSTX75
Muni Single State ShortBrown Advisory Maryland Bond InvBIAMX81
Muni Single State ShortAlabama Tax-Free BondALABX6
Muni PennsylvaniaVanguard PA Long-Term Tax-Exempt InvVPAIX100
Muni PennsylvaniaInvesco PA Tax Free Inc AVKMPX31
Muni PennsylvaniaWestern Asset Pennsylvania Municipals ASBPAX75
Muni PennsylvaniaDreyfus Pennsylvania APTPAX56
Muni PennsylvaniaPutnam PA Tax Exempt Income APTEPX6
Muni PennsylvaniaFederated PA Municipal Income APAMFX25
Muni PennsylvaniaOppenheimer Rochester® PA Municipal AOPATX88
Muni PennsylvaniaBNY Mellon PA Interm Muni Bd MMPPIX13
Muni PennsylvaniaMFS PA Municipal Bond AMFPAX94
Muni PennsylvaniaFirst Investors Tax Exempt PA AFTPAX19
Muni PennsylvaniaFranklin PA Tax-Free Income AFRPAX50
Muni PennsylvaniaFidelity® Pennsylvania Municipal IncomeFPXTX81
Muni PennsylvaniaNuveen PA Municipal Bond AFPNTX63
Muni PennsylvaniaEaton Vance PA Municipal Income BEVPAX0
Muni PennsylvaniaWells Fargo Pennsylvania Tax-Free AEKVAX38
Muni PennsylvaniaDelaware Tax-Free PA ADELIX69
Muni PennsylvaniaAB Municipal Income II Pennsylvania AAPAAX44
Foreign Small/Mid GrowthAberdeen International Small Cp AWVCCX14
Foreign Small/Mid GrowthWestcore International Small-Cap RetailWTIFX0
Foreign Small/Mid GrowthWasatch International Opps InvWAIOX59
Foreign Small/Mid GrowthWasatch International Growth InvestorWAIGX27
Foreign Small/Mid GrowthVALIC Company II International OppsVISEX86
Foreign Small/Mid GrowthAmerican Century Intl Discovery InvTWEGX23
Foreign Small/Mid GrowthTouchstone International Small Cap YTNSYX41
Foreign Small/Mid GrowthMotley Fool Emerging Markets InvTMFEX55
Foreign Small/Mid GrowthTCW International Small Cap ITGICX5
Foreign Small/Mid GrowthRoyce International Premier ServiceRYIPX73
Foreign Small/Mid GrowthT. Rowe Price International DiscoveryPRIDX100
Foreign Small/Mid GrowthOppenheimer International Small-Mid Co AOSMAX95
Foreign Small/Mid GrowthOberweis International OpportunitiesOBIOX36
Foreign Small/Mid GrowthMFS International New Discovery IMWNIX64
Foreign Small/Mid GrowthFederated International Small-Mid Co AISCAX18
Foreign Small/Mid GrowthHarding Loevner Intl Small Coms InvHLMSX68
Foreign Small/Mid GrowthGrandeur Peak International Opps InstlGPIIX91
Foreign Small/Mid GrowthFidelity Advisor® Intl Sm Cap Opps IFOPIX82
Foreign Small/Mid GrowthDriehaus International Small Cap GrowthDRIOX45
Foreign Small/Mid GrowthDelaware International Small Cap InstlDGGIX77
Foreign Small/Mid GrowthArtisan International Small Cap InvestorARTJX9
Foreign Small/Mid GrowthAmerican Century International Opps InvAIOIX50
Foreign Small/Mid GrowthColumbia Acorn International ZACINX32
Natural ResourcesSPDR® S&P Metals and Mining ETFXME64
Natural ResourcesMaterials Select Sector SPDR® ETFXLB93
Natural ResourcesiShares Global Timber & Forestry ETFWOOD98
Natural ResourcesiShares MSCI Global Agricltr Prdcrs ETFVEGI80
Natural ResourcesVanguard Materials ETFVAW95
Natural ResourcesGlobal X Uranium ETFURA30
Natural ResourcesGlobal X Fertilizers/Potash ETFSOIL50
Natural ResourcesVanEck Vectors Steel ETFSLX73
Natural ResourcesGuggenheim S&P 500® Eq Wt Materials ETFRTM100
Natural ResourcesPowerShares DWA Basic Materials Mom ETFPYZ68
Natural ResourcesPowerShares S&P SmallCap Materials ETFPSCM75
Natural ResourcesPowerShares Global Agriculture ETFPAGG25
Natural ResourcesiShares Global Materials ETFMXI86
Natural ResourcesVanEck Vectors Agribusiness ETFMOO77
Natural ResourcesGlobal X Lithium & Battery Tech ETFLIT70
Natural ResourcesiShares US Basic Materials ETFIYM82
Natural ResourcesiShares North American Natural Res ETFIGE39
Natural ResourcesVanEck Vectors Natural Resources ETFHAP55
Natural ResourcesFlexShares Mstar Glbl Upstrm Nat Res ETFGUNR57
Natural ResourcesIQ Global Resources ETFGRES45
Natural ResourcesSPDR® S&P Global Natural Resources ETFGNR66
Natural ResourcesFirst Trust Materials AlphaDEX® ETFFXZ84
Natural ResourcesFirst Trust Indxx Glbl Natrl Res Inc ETFFTRI20
Natural ResourcesGuggenheim MSCI Global Timber ETFCUT91
Natural ResourcesGlobal X Copper Miners ETFCOPX61
Natural ResourcesColumbia Global Energy & Natural Res ZUMESX23
Natural ResourcesSaratoga Energy & Basic Materials ASBMBX11
Natural ResourcesRydex Basic Materials InvRYBIX52
Natural ResourcesVictory Global Natural Resources ARSNRX27
Natural ResourcesUS Global Investors Global ResPSPFX0
Natural ResourcesT. Rowe Price New EraPRNEX48
Natural ResourcesPrudential Jennison Natural Resources BPRGNX2
Natural ResourcesT. Rowe Price Real AssetsPRAFX43
Natural ResourcesJHancock Natural Resources NAVJHNRX18
Natural ResourcesIvy Natural Resources AIGNAX9
Natural ResourcesICON Natural Resources SICBMX34
Natural ResourcesRational Real Strategies InstlHRSTX16
Natural ResourcesVanEck Global Hard Assets AGHAAX7
Natural ResourcesFidelity® Select MaterialsFSDPX59
Natural ResourcesFidelity® Select ChemicalsFSCHX89
Natural ResourcesFranklin Natural Resources AFRNRX14
Natural ResourcesFidelity Advisor® Global Commodity Stk IFFGIX32
Natural ResourcesPutnam Global Natural Resources AEBERX5
Natural ResourcesDreyfus Natural Resources IDLDRX36
Natural ResourcesCalvert Global Water ACFWAX41
Japan StockiShares MSCI Japan Small-Cap ETFSCJ80
Japan StockiShares JPX-Nikkei 400 ETFJPXN33
Japan StockFirst Trust Japan AlphaDEX® ETFFJP7
Japan StockiShares MSCI Japan ETFEWJ20
Japan StockWisdomTree Japan Hedged Equity ETFDXJ47
Japan StockWisdomTree Japan SmallCap Dividend ETFDFJ87
Japan StockDeutsche X-trackers MSCI Japan Hedged EqDBJP60
Japan StockAIG Japan ASAESX13
Japan StockT. Rowe Price JapanPRJPX53
Japan StockMatthews Japan InvestorMJFOX40
Japan StockVoya Japan TOPIX Index® Port IIJIIX73
Japan StockHennessy Japan Small Cap InvestorHJPSX93
Japan StockFidelity® Japan Smaller CompaniesFJSCX67
Japan StockFidelity® JapanFJPNX27
Japan StockDFA Japanese Small Company IDFJSX100
Japan StockCommonwealth JapanCNJFX0
Inflation-Protected BondPIMCO Broad US TIPS ETFTIPZ69
Inflation-Protected BondiShares TIPS Bond ETFTIP66
Inflation-Protected BondFlexShares iBoxx 3Yr Target Dur TIPS ETFTDTT48
Inflation-Protected BondFlexShares iBoxx 5Yr Target Dur TIPS ETFTDTF90
Inflation-Protected BondPIMCO 1-5 Year US TIPS ETFSTPZ45
Inflation-Protected BondiShares 0-5 Year TIPS Bond ETFSTIP59
Inflation-Protected BondSchwab US TIPS ETF™SCHP93
Inflation-Protected BondPIMCO 15+ Year US TIPS ETFLTPZ79
Inflation-Protected BondSPDR® Blmbg Barclays TIPS ETFIPE83
Inflation-Protected BondVanguard Inflation-Protected Secs InvVIPSX72
Inflation-Protected BondVALIC Company I Inflation ProtectedVCTPX55
Inflation-Protected BondTransamerica Inflation-Protected Secs R4TPRFX7
Inflation-Protected BondSchwab® Treasury Infl Protected Secs IdxSWRSX62
Inflation-Protected BondT. Rowe Price Inflation Protected BdPRIPX28
Inflation-Protected BondPrincipal Inflation Protection JPIPJX0
Inflation-Protected BondMassMutual Premier Infl-Prot and Inc R5MIPSX76
Inflation-Protected BondMFS Inflation-Adjusted Bond IMIAIX10
Inflation-Protected BondJPMorgan Inflation Managed Bond R5JIMRX86
Inflation-Protected BondVY® BlackRock Inflation Protected Bd IIBRIX14
Inflation-Protected BondHartford Inflation Plus AHIPAX17
Inflation-Protected BondHarbor Real Return InstlHARRX34
Inflation-Protected BondGuideStone Funds Inflation Prot Bd InvGIPZX3
Inflation-Protected BondPIMCO Fixed Income SHares RFXIRX97
Inflation-Protected BondFidelity® Inflation-Protected BondFINPX31
Inflation-Protected BondDFA LTIP InstitutionalDRXIX38
Inflation-Protected BondDFA Inflation-Protected Securities IDIPSX100
Inflation-Protected BondDreyfus Inflation Adjusted Sec IDIASX21
Inflation-Protected BondColumbia Inflation Protected Secs AAPSAX24
Inflation-Protected BondAmerican Century Short Dur Inf PrBd R5APISX52
Inflation-Protected BondAmerican Century Inflation Adjs Bond InvACITX41
Small ValueVanguard Russell 2000 Value ETFVTWV89
Small ValueVanguard S&P Small-Cap 600 Value ETFVIOV98
Small ValueVanguard Small-Cap Value ETFVBR95
Small ValueSPDR® S&P 600 Small Cap Value ETFSLYV99
Small ValueGuggenheim S&P SmallCap 600® PureVal ETFRZV29
Small ValueGuggenheim S&P MidCap 400® Pure Val ETFRFV93
Small ValuePowerShares Zacks Micro Cap ETFPZI35
Small ValuePowerShares Russell 2000 Pure Value ETFPXSV82
Small ValueiShares Morningstar Small-Cap Value ETFJKL65
Small ValueiShares Russell 2000 Value ETFIWN92
Small ValueiShares S&P Small-Cap 600 Value ETFIJS96
Small ValueFirst Trust Small Cap Val AlphaDEX® ETFFYT33
Small ValueFirst Trust Mid Cap Value AlphaDEX® ETFFNK43
Small ValueFirst Trust Dow Jones Sel MicroCap ETFFDM100
Small ValueWisdomTree US SmallCap Dividend ETFDES88
Small ValueWestcore Small-Cap Value Dividend RetailWTSVX37
Small ValueWalthausen Small Cap ValueWSCVX45
Small ValueVericimetry US Small Cap ValueVYSVX54
Small ValueVALIC Company I Small Cap Special ValVSSVX90
Small ValueFederated Clover Small Value AVSFAX28
Small ValueVictory Integrity Small-Cap Value AVSCVX40
Small ValueInvesco SmallCapValue AVSCAX55
Small ValueVanguard Small Cap Value Index InvVISVX94
Small ValueVALIC Company II Small Cap ValueVCSVX72
Small ValueTouchstone Small Cap Value ATVOAX14
Small ValueTocqueville SelectTSELX5
Small ValueTowle Deep ValueTDVFX70
Small ValueTransamerica Small Cap Core R4TCCFX23
Small ValueProFunds Small Cap Value InvSVPIX25
Small ValueGuggenheim Mid Cap Value ASEVAX30
Small ValueSchneider Small Cap ValueSCMVX61
Small ValueRoyce Small-Cap Value ServiceRYVFX0
Small ValueRoyce Special Equity InvmtRYSEX47
Small ValueRoyce Opportunity InvmtRYPNX63
Small ValueRydex S&P SmallCap 600 Pure Value HRYAZX1
Small ValueRydex S&P MidCap 400 Pure Value HRYAVX24
Small ValueColumbia Small/Mid Cap Value KRMCVX34
Small ValueQuaker Small-Cap Value AQUSVX6
Small ValueQueens Road Small Cap ValueQRSVX31
Small ValuePinnacle ValuePVFIX7
Small ValuePutnam Small Cap Value APSLAX52
Small ValuePrincipal SmallCap Value II InstlPPVIX59
Small ValuePNC Multi Factor Small Cap Value IPMUIX64
Small ValueOptimum Small-Mid Cap Value InstlOISVX16
Small ValueNationwide Bailard Cogntv Val MNWHFX42
Small ValueColumbia Small Cap Value Fund II ZNSVAX77
Small ValueNorth Star Dividend INSDVX51
Small ValueNorthern Small Cap ValueNOSGX86
Small ValueMFS New Discovery Value INDVIX87
Small ValueGreat-West Invesco Small Cap Value InvMXSVX36
Small ValueMassMutual Select Small Company Val SvcMMVYX49
Small ValueJames Small CapJASCX4
Small ValueIntrepid Endurance InvestorICMAX8
Small ValueVY® Columbia Small Cap Value II IICISX83
Small ValueHuber Capital Small Cap Value InvHUSIX2
Small ValueHeartland Value Plus InvestorHRVIX19
Small ValueHeartland Value InvestorHRTVX22
Small ValueHodges Pure Contrarian RetailHDPCX12
Small ValueVictory Sycamore Small Company Opp RGOGFX78
Small ValueFranklin Small Cap Value AFRVLX41
Small ValueFranklin MicroCap Value AFRMCX18
Small ValueFidelity® Small Cap ValueFCPVX81
Small ValueWells Fargo Special Small Cap Value AESPAX66
Small ValueDFA Tax-Managed US Targeted ValueDTMVX84
Small ValueFoundry Partners Fdmtl Sm Cp Val InvDRSVX46
Small ValueDiamond Hill Small Cap ADHSCX17
Small ValueDFA US Small Cap Value IDFSVX57
Small ValueDFA US Targeted Value IDFFVX71
Small ValueDelaware Small Cap Value ADEVLX69
Small ValueDean Small Cap ValueDASCX58
Small ValueColumbia Small Cap Value Fund I ACSMIX73
Small ValueCornerCap Small-Cap Value InvestorCSCVX75
Small ValueCozad Small Cap Value ICOZIX20
Small ValueCM Advisors Small Cap ValueCMOVX13
Small ValueBridgeway Ultra-Small CompanyBRUSX10
Small ValueBridgeway Small-Cap ValueBRSVX27
Small ValueBoston Partners Small Cap Value II InvBPSCX48
Small ValueBridgeway Omni Tax-Managed Sm-Cp Val NBOTSX67
Small ValueBridgeway Omni Small-Cap Value NBOSVX60
Small ValueAmerican Century Small Cap Value InvASVIX80
Small ValueAriel Discovery InvestorARDFX11
Small ValueAncora Special Opportunity IANSIX53
Small ValueAncora MicroCap IANCIX77
Small ValueAdirondack Small CapADKSX39
Muni MassachusettsVanguard MA Tax-Exempt InvVMATX100
Muni MassachusettsWestern Asset Massachusetts Muni ASLMMX42
Muni MassachusettsColumbia AMT-Free MA Interm Muni Bd ZSEMAX33
Muni MassachusettsDeutsche Massachusetts Tax-Free SSCMAX67</